Phipresidentelip Martin's

 Philip Martin’s was created in Italy in 2006 from an idea of Mauro Trimigliozzi. The  company’s philosophy is to create products without compromises towards the  consumers health: that is why the company name is inspired to his first two sons,  which, for him symbolize pureness with no exceptions.

 Philip Martin’s must represent a certainty for its consumers; it must be a guarantee  of niche products which are not harmful for heath and non-toxic, but at the same  time effective and performing.


Philip Martin’s creates Bio-compatible products through the use of natural and organic derived ingredients integrated with chemical non-toxic substances. Thanks to this balance, we obtain cosmetics and hair care products which are safe for your health without compromising their performance.

Philip Martin’s uses the best Italian know-how and technologies in order to successfully produce and distribute its products, keeping on researching new formulations and ingredients.
Coherently, all vegetable ingredients derive from natural organic farms, with high quality standards.

Be different” for Philip Martin’s means to offer a safe ,and bio-compatible product which contains non-toxic chemical ingredients. 

Cleanser and conditioner: no SLS, no Propilene Glycol, no Paraben, no Formaldehyde, No PEG

Finishing e Styling: no Plastics (PVP), no Alcohol

Hair spray: Alcohol from only Bio-origin

Hair Colour: vegetable oils without harmful preservatives (no Methyl-Paraben)