Jojoba Pure Oil


100Jojoba Pure Oil% pure Jojoba oil made with essential orange oil. Formulated for extra dry hair or chemically treated hair.
Great for professional use before coloring.
It deeply penetrates and repairs without weighing down your hair.
Luxury treatment for hair, scalp and body.

USE: On hair: warm up 20/30ml of oil in a microwave or in a bain marie; apply warm oil on dirty hair, massaging from scalp to ends; leave it for 15/20 minutes, wrapping your head with an hot towel.
Rinse abundantly and remove with Maple Wash and/or Purifying Wash.
Then apply Maple Rinse on ends.

On body: Massage the oil evenly on body, after an hot shower or bath.

Jojoba seed oil, orange oil.